Sunday, February 19, 2017

My Apprenticeship with 
a Chi Kung Master

This book is the story of author, Peter Meech's,
first seven years of training with Dr. Chow, a 
chi kung master, formerly from Shanghai, China. 
Meech's originally intended interview with the master 
in Toronto evolves into a journey of profound revelations 
as he becomes a student and delves into the amazing 
world of chi, life force energy, and its many aspects and 
manifestations. Meech's account tells of his reality-
changing discoveries as his master takes him into 
a world where chi is the driving force behind all 
living things. A fascinating book that's very 
difficult to put down.
"Sparkles with wit, wisdom, and facts found 
nowhere else. If another book on chi kung is 
more engaging, I haven't read it."

- Alberto Villoldo, PhD, author, The Four Insights 

- #Chi_Kung  #Qigong

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