Friday, February 10, 2017

趙堡太極拳 MASTER MALEE KHOW Demonstrates Zhaobao Tai Chi Chuan

Master Malee Khow 
of Manchester, Connecticut 
performs Zhaobao Style 
Tai Chi Chuan 

- Zhaobao Style originates from the Zhaobao Village, 
Henan Province, China. Although bearing similarities to 
Chen Style Tai Chi, Zhaobao's history claims origins with 
Jiang Fa in the late 16th century as well as some Chen 
Style influences. Zhaobao features two, main forms, 
including a 108 posture big frame and a 75 posture small 
frame, refined form. Both are practiced in in three heights:
 high, medium, and low frame. The style emphasizes 
flowing, integrated movements, yi (mind intent) and the 
use of spiraling chin na (qinna) techniques for 
self-defense applications. Zhaobao training includes 
its own neigong energy development methods, based 
on Taoist systems of mind/energy (qi) proficiency.

- #Tai_Chi  #Taijiquan

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