Sunday, March 19, 2023


Tai Chi and the Lower Tantien

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Wu Style Tai Chi Lineage Holder Bruce Frantzis talks briefly about the lower tantien and some of its functions and training methods. The lower tantien is the energetic center of your lower body. If you increase the energy in your lower tantien, you increase your sense of physicality and everything to do with it - health, power, strength, focus... 
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Unlock Your Kua: 

The Key to Better Mobility in Tai Chi

Learn how to improve your Tai Chi movements by opening up your "kua," the area where your leg joins with your pelvis. Discover the critical role the kua plays in mobility, knee health, and alignment in Tai Chi. By strengthening your glutes, core, and keeping your knee aligned, you can move like a ball, rotate effortlessly, and reduce the risk of knee damage. Improve your Tai Chi experience and achieve better mobility by focusing on keeping the kua open and your knees properly aligned. 

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Chen Style Taichi New Frame Form 2

Practice Lesson




陳式太極拳新架二路是由太極一人陳發科在老架的基礎上創編而成的動作。新架二路拳動作比較復 雜,套 路中以採、挒、肘、靠四隅手的運用為主,掤、捋、擠、按四正手的運用為輔。剛中寓柔、力 求 堅 剛,震 腳發 力、閃 戰騰 挪、躥蹦跳躍、松 活彈 抖,著重於彈性勁的練習。外形上顯示極剛、跳躍為主,緩柔沈穩的特點。 
The New Frame routines are different compared to Old Frame routines in terms of the person, speed and power of movements as well as body movement. It features extended large postures and low stances and with an emphasis on the smooth circular movements. The Whole routine is a complete of moves performed in a series of special curved lines. Pay attention to the spiral rotational strength, from the folding of the waist to the circling of the hands. 
Chen Taichi New Frame are part of the Chen Changxing traditional old frame system. It was created by Grand Master Chen Fake. one of the 17th generation ancestor of the Chen family in Chenjiagon.

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Sunday, March 12, 2023


Yang Long Form Is Not Just

More Movements To 24 Form Tai Chi


In Yang Style Tai Chi, the popular forms are the traditional Yang Long Form, often called the 108 Form, and the Simplified 24 Form. This is an excerpt from our workshop that explains the history of Yang Style Tai Chi and dissects the differences between the traditional long form method and 24 Form method for the same movements. In this video, we highlight just the Brush Knee and Press movement. 
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