Sunday, October 10, 2021

What improves health, centering, awareness, 
and calm must be worth some investigation.
                                                                      Image by TaiChi_John

A good place to begin your investigation:
 For the Curious Reader, the Seeker & the Beginner

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Qigong & TaiChi

by Yuki 

 “Hi, Tautphaus park funland.”


School Master Zhou Zhong Fu

Tai Chi Quan Style Wu, Shanghai

School Master Zhou Zhong Fu, Shanghai. 
Gong He Xin Road № 1536, 
Daning International Tea Market, 412 RM

"A season is just a snapshot 
of cosmic change and cycles."
- TaiChi_John 


Internal Damage:

Advanced Tai Chi Chuan For Combat

Sifu Hairston discusses Tai Chi Chuan from Internal Damage: Advanced Tai Chi Chuan For Combat. 
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"Eat healthily, sleep well, 
breathe deeply, move harmoniously." 
– Jean-Pierre Barral

Sunday, October 3, 2021


Tai Chi With Bach

Original video is downloaded from internet. Software is designed for web cam and video and is written in C++ uses OpenCV and OpenFrameworks libraries. Images that are taken from original video are processed in real time. 
This video created from the software output and then the music is added.