Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Soul Seeker: China - Tai Chi School & Retreat in Yangshuo

Soul Seeker, Jo Sinnott, travels to China, 
the home of tai chi. Jo heads for Yangshuo 
where she studies with Mei Juan Luo, one 
of the few female Tai Chi masters 
practicing in Yangshuo, Southern China. 
Jo visits Mei's "Long Tou Shan" Tai Chi 
School in Yangshuo and joins a retreat 
to learn Yang and Chen Style Tai Chi 
(Taijiquan). The school welcomes people 
of any age, fitness level or experience 
to come and join Mei and study 
the ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi.

This is a clip from a program 
called, Soul Seeker, which
airs on The Travel Channel.


- #Tai_Chi  #Taijiquan

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