Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Yang Shi Taijiquan 85 Shi - Master Zhao Youbin (赵幼斌)

Master Zhao You Bin 
Demonstrates Traditional 
Yang Style 85 Movement 
Tai Chi Chuan Forms

Zhao You Bin is a highly regarded master 
of traditional Yang style Tai Chi Chuan. 
He is the son of Zhao Bin who was a senior disciple 
and nephew of Yang Chen Fu. Mr Zhao is based in 
Xian, China and is the President of the Xian 
Yongnian Yang Style Taiji Quan Association.
He is also the head of a Yang Family Tai Chi Association 
in Hong Kong and Shenzhen with links to many good 
Yang Style teachers in the area. Master Zhao has a 
Yang Style Tai Chi training studio in Xian in which 
students can enroll. Teaching is carried out by 
Zhao You Bin and his assistant teachers.

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